The end of something is a beginning of something else.

This is the new beginning of my life.

I have graduated from a university in Bandung about 3 months ago. I should have gone to a big companies and make a big money like many of my friends, but I actually have another plan. Let me tell you about myself first. I was born in a religious family who is concern about education and is having schools around country to educate the next generation and to help people. My grandfather was the founder and his legacy was inherited through generations. Today is the beginning of my turn to contribute something for the organisation. Let’s just say it as X. This X is now led by my uncle(s) and is growing itself day by day.

My religion basic is not so strong as I didn’t learn sufism nor religious studies. Instead, I prefer art and design. Many of my family members don’t believe of my contribution in the future and pointing me as a betrayer. On the one hand it hurts me as a family member, as their heir. On the other hand, I always have my father’s words in my mind, “Be a pro in what you are good at and contribute as much as you could. Give, give and give what you capable of. Be a helpful person.”

After my graduation, I felt shock a little bit because everything was feel too fast. I want to continue my study but I have no time to prepare anything before–final project was very time-consuming. I didn’t do anything in about 1 months but learning english until graduation about 2 months ago. There are thousands of shouting people in my head who was yelling about to do something but I do not know where to start.

3 weeks of IELTS preparation, I finally had a brave to take the test. The test was not so good but the result was unexpectedly high. I got 8 for listening and speaking, and 6.5 for writing and speaking. Thank you for the people who has prayed for me. I guess it’s the power of prayer. Speaking of IELTS, this is the first step I have taken to continue my study to a master degree.

The fastest period of taught master degree enrolment in England (my second opinion after Turki) is once a year which is in September while the enrolment in Turki is only opened once a year, in February-March. The conclusion is I need to apply NOW.

My father will not cover any of living cost nor study cost for master, therefore I need to look for a scholarship to be there. I have applied for a scholarship from Indonesian Government and 2 universities about `2 weeks ago. I wish I could get the scholarship and the university. amin

Today, I decided to help one of my uncle in a printing office in Jakarta. I do the design and I learn a lot about management, printing, and most importantly to be a leader, not a boss. I also joined a design team in one of the X schools’s project, but seems like the boss is not really welcomed me. Ya.. Oki said that the same quote as my former teacher in high school; “A calm sea will not generate a tough sailor”.

Well then, I don’t really think I have to stay in one place.

Experience will teach you everything you won’t get behind the desk.


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