A Great Team

I currently working on some designs for The X foundation i mentioned before. Publication media whether it’s below or above the line materials. What I enjoyed the most is the team. I have joined a great team, they are more like a family. The leader, is not a boss, he truly is a leader; He works with us every single day and “lead” us to a better path. He is someone we could trust and open-minded, He encourages everyone to bear with their jobs and motivates us to to our best. I learnt a lot from him.

The secretary team is also a marvellous team. They are the real multi-tasker. Everyone from each part gives them jobs with a very tight schedule… of course, they feel awful but everything is done perfectly.

Last but not least, our icon, a man with glasses whose heart is so soft yet tough. We call him Ghandi’s apprentice. Later, I feel less-amazed about him because he is a smoker.

All in all, I know this team is not a perfect team. Well, at least this team is neutral, and nothing to loose. A group of energetic young people in The X Foundation. !


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