LPDP – Days of Interview


Today was the selection process of LPDP, a Scholarship Body funded by Indonesian Government.

The first step is to submit every documents needed, you could see it here:


I need to suggest you to print the booklet, because every detail is very important. This body is evaluating and upgrading their system every time, that’s why the recent booklet is very important.

The first challenge is to collect all of the requirements. I have gathered these for about 5 months (regarding to my college tasks and other jobs). If you want to get the scholarship, STICK TO THE PLAN, don’t you dare to say: “Let’s just take the next batch”. Believe me, it would never work, and you’ll just feel sorry for your laziness.

When you passed the first one, the next step would be verification. You need to bring THE REAL DOCUMENT of everything you scanned and uploaded. Think about it before you made decision about who will be your referee and where he/she lives, because you need the real document in your hand or BLACKLISTED. I wasn’t notice this urgency at the first time, that’s why I asked my former boss (he is in Malaysia) to give me a recommendation; as a result, I have to fly 2 pages of recommendation away from Malaysia to Bandung within a week (duration between the first selection process’ announcement and the interview). Thanks to DHL for their expensive yet satisfying service, I could handle all of shipping process from Indonesia.

The second selection process is to write an essay on the spot, to hold a leaderless group discussion, and to be interviewed.

Every candidate has their own schedule, and obey the committee’s rules for your own safety. When they said to come 1 hour early, please do so, because everything could be unpredictable on The Day. One of my friends was late and had to join another group for leaderless group discussion. I would be very nervous if I were him.

The essay writing was about 30 minutes and Bintang said it is safe to write in IELTS’ essay order, and I would say it is. The topic is just the same as writing ielts’ topic. If you are good in ielts writing, don’t worry because it will be a lot easier–as it is written in Bahasa.

Leaderless group discussion is somewhat more challenging for me. I don’t talk a lot, i don’t talk in front of people, but thank God I made the point after minutes of nervous. If you think you need practice, just practice a lot to talk, unless you think you’re good in argumentation; and read more! it will help you to make arguments.

Interview, the last but the most important. Many people said that once you passed the interview, anything else would follow. Some others said that interview bear 3 points while the others only bear one. I didn’t prepare it well for some reasons, and I was sick. I vomit like crazy the night before and I was so weak at that morning, still, thank God i didn’t vomit in front of the interviewer.

The first check before the interview is to know more about your study plan, your CV. Use couple nights before to improve your knowledge about the university, the uniqueness, your own interest about the program, as well as the REAL CONTRIBUTION to the Nation. Prepare every detail, because the interviewer wants you to talk like a year about yourself and your study plan before they ask you a question.

The second one would be about documents; print every correspondence between you and university or professor, your portfolio, everything. Bring you sketchbook or prepare everything related, in case the interviewer ask you to show it or to perform your ability.

The third and maybe the most important is prepare your body, physically and mentally. The interview days was not that fearsome, but you need to prepare it well and pray to God to give you the best way.

ah and make friends! once you had the calling letter, search for your mates or anyone you may know, it would be so much helpful. The attendee of Bandung area, they made a great team. They share links, interviews from the previous awardee,  even made a LINE group for communication.

so be prepared and active!

Good luck for us!


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