LPDP Part 1

LPDP, something we–Indonesian citizen–knew as a top hit recently

I have decided to join this scholarship because of some considerations, and hope for the best result next week. Bismillah.

My analysis about my application is like this:

I’ve passed document check and Thank God it went well; the next week I have attended 3 major selection process:

  1. Essay on the spot
  2. Leaderless group discussion
  3. Interview

The first part is so-so, the second one was not went so well, because we didn’t plan it very well. The last one was the most horrifying because I did not answer some of the interviewer’s question clearly. I didn’t have any LOA neither the correspondence of my application to the universities. I didn’t bring any of my works and didn’t mention some details of my CV perfectly 😦

but today, a week before the announcement–and my birthday–I did not have any attention to do anything but pray. just pray for the best result, bismillah. amin.


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