A week of joyful sacrifice, i would say
1st-6th February 2016 *official dates
even thought we’ve been working for it for about 6weeks.

if I could revise an answer of earlier questionnaire, it’d be the duration of sandya caraka is too short. Probably way too short that we’re just get to know each other and then blast!

Mr. Kamil said that this event is cruel; to separate some people which they’d gathered before.
I have to say that i agree, i woke up at February 7th and feels like something lost and i need class call! 😥

inspiring talks, warm laugh in the class, calming smiles from friends who saw my tired face, after hour design works with the most unique team I’ve ever had, 5minutes of chaos before class call, dor boom ah game that we won without even take a step from our chair, 7 amazing tracks, Caky the big butt, the flawless man from our group, shaking heads the signs of sleepless head, the controversial toilet cards, and oh i can’t mention every single thing here.

Finally, alhamdulilah for the opportunity, thank you Mr. Kamil and Tim PK, as well as Sandya Caraka for a wonderful week.

see you when i see you :”


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