Whispers – Frau

That night, my neighbour was very noisy, I decided to put on my earphone and listened to a random song from my playlist.
“Whisper” is still my favourite song from Frau.
I was introduced to this artist couple years ago.

The tales of joy you probably meant to tell
To him, would just easily fly by…..

It was the third week of May 2015, I still remember the atmosphere of a room just across the biggest electronic centre in Bandung. The night was cold because it was rained but it was warm same time. I feel home.

It was my first time to attend an eminent concert. Nobody take photos, nobody scream or talk. I closed my eyes and saw everything.
People was drowned by the serenade.
So do I.
It is a moment to remember, and probably, to be repeated?
I hope so.

We have bunch of chances in this world, it’s only the matter of will.


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