I am a growing-up hijabi girl from a lovely yet complicated family; currently living in London, in a 2×3 private room to be precise; with a peanut pillow as a companion.

I need to admit that maybe people ignore us (the new comer) but it’s only a few of them. The others are so open and friendly, they are very positive to other people (or at least when they do have a bad thoughts, they don’t show their bad thoughts about us in front of our face). People tend to keep their own businesses for their own, avoid to be involved too much in other people’s concern. The main thing is people are good when you don’t mess with their affairs.

My expectation about this city never been high. What can I hope from a big city with skyscrapers and diverse community? Probably quite too much to see it as a temporary home. That’s why I keep thinking about this city being very friendly to me.

I met new people with different backgrounds. People from similar background with different thoughts. A friend from Manchester can be very soft, kind-hearted, study-oriented, and independent. Another friend from Leicester can be very bold, highly confident, speak loudly about where he/she stands.

Living in a flat with diverse people is another thing. Different standard of hygiene caused most of problems. Bad insulation will be main issue in the night or in exam week. Hand-ins keep coming without a break and feedbacks never been so abstract. Listening to lectures is one other thing. Challenges make hard times more and more nerve-wrecking. The issue of survival become more complicated and demanding to be discussed.

Diverse culture, ways of seeing, stereotypes, and habits are probably the highest mountain to climb. Discourse happens in bars-which I do not admire so much because of the stink thus myself considered a person who is out of the circle. Even though I talk, discuss, share, and try to make friend with them, there is always a distance that bothers and I am trying to fix…

At the end of the day, the only thing remains is questions about how can people live in this sleepless city with so many things to care throughout the day and still have time to drunk.



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