About What and Why

This Tuesday I had a tutorial with Max, about the brief we’ve been working on but after that I feel lost rather than lightened. So I decided to go for an additional tutorial at the following Wednesday with Lu, ‘Act Course Leader’. After a little bit of conversation, I realise that the problem is inside my head, but I still can’t figure out what it is. Then I went to English Development Class and met our favorite lady in white hair, Viv Fox. We talked about the tutorial a little bit and the conversation goes on… (I reconstructed everything as much as I can, but some distortion might be happens here)

V: So how’s your tutorial with Lu?

E: Yeah it’s fine. I think I need to think about this brief more. My main problem is I keep doing what I want and not being reasonable all these time. I feel lost after this Tuesday tutorial and feel like I need a little bit more talk about this brief.

V: Well it is quite normal but I believe you will find the answer during the process. It is all about WHAT and WHY you are come up with this conclusion, right?

E: Yes it definitely is. I actually realize that but I just can’t find the answer.

Short pause. 

E: Viv, is it a fault to think about the outcome in the beginning of the process?

V: YA, it probably what makes you uncomfortable about this process. The thing is there is a difference between creative process in the design industries out there and what we are doing in here.

So here is her further talk:

Here is how design people in the industry works:

    idea > product

and here is how we do designer work in this academic environment:

    product > idea

In the industry/agency, people already know their final outcome.

i.e the client want you to make a branding for an event promotion. You must be think about graphic elements, typeface probably, posters, ads, etc. Eventually, you will go back to the idea ‘how should the color scheme like’ or ‘what should I put in the ads?’ or ‘who should we hire for this big poster to make it more inviting?’. This is not how we work in academic environment. We initiate the idea first and let the research and experiments lead us. Thus we want people to think about the idea and in the very early stage of the process, we do realize that we would never know the shape of the final outcome. The process of investigation, research, and experiments will shape the product little by little. Therefore iteration, trial and error process is a cycle that keeps repeated in the brief and it will help the designer to find the best decision related to the outcome.

So now, it is not as simple as finding the answer of that WHAT and WHY.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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