Last name is just a last name for Indonesian but being here in another society makes me rethink about its meaning and effects in my life.

My name is Eva Afifah.
in my hometown, Indonesia, I will be in the second fourth section of attendance list which is not bad because I usually have enough time to be relax on d-day. They use first name to manage everything.
in the UK, I usually be the very first person in giving presentation because my last name is Afifah, which is good for me because being the first means that you will finish everything sooner but will give you much pressure to wake up and arrive very early.

Last name in the UK also means your family name. That means Riza Afifah and Eva Afifah most probably come from the same family. However it is not really applicable for Indonesians. My krezi friend Riza Afifah was typing a message for me when one of her friends saw my name on the screen-Eva Afifah-and sure she expects me as her family, but no, I am not.

It might also happens in most parts of the world but not in most area of Indonesia. So please be very careful in choosing a name for your child! You might not want to let them waiting for being called in graduation day too long!



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Graphic Designer | Children Illustration Enthusiast

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