Jaap and Sagmeister

Anyway, this is my experience from lecture this week. It’s purely because we have Sagmeister on Wednesday and Jaap on Thursday, and I’ll write about them both

Jaap talked about his MA this morning (Thursday 27 April). He mentioned “not to be someone else” when you’re writing something. He also suggested to just start with something very small, specific; then you just want to explore this small thing by looking at it from different angles.

I can see an obvious pattern of his research and exploration in his lecture. He started to think about a phenomenon and digest it to find the core. He then concludes this phenomenon using–usually–a word (the small, specific thing that he suggested to start with), then he explores this word by associating it with projects and references (mostly images). After that he start the exploration using a new method that he never done before.

His talk is really interesting, really. I find it very useful in our very stage of study. Talking about lecture, yesterday we had Sagmeister in our afternoon lecture series. He talked about his personal project about happiness. It is interesting to think how can he afford to stay 3 months to meditate in Bali, doing amazing things there, go to a real psychiatric, then go back to Bali again, and held roadshows (exhibitions, to be exact) in several cities like Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Toronto, NYC. Think about how he fund his project. Jaap said that he discussed about that yesterday and (I don’t know if it’s his hypothesis or he really knows it) actually let Walsh running their studio in NYC while he was working on his personal project. Probably give some remote supervision from Bali.


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