Tutorial 2 May

Resume of today’s tutorial (May 2)

We map our thoughts. References, influences, keywords, and themes. This is basically what I’ve got:
 New Doc 2017-05-01_3
There are three main things I am focused on: subjectivity in various media (including children’s book’s way of storytelling, the most interesting one), subjective experience (according to Harraway’s text), and subjectivity embedded in narration.
The last two things are not very clear for me, but the children’s book way of storytelling (simplification) is interesting.
After discussion, we talked about “WHY DO I DID THIS SET OF EXPERIMENTS? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?”
my answer is:
  1. I only want to satirize the politicians.
  2. Indonesian youth is not so concern about the politic issue and how the world’s going on, so I’m trying to simplify it to make them more aware about it
Then the conversation is going on and Max said that it might be more purposeful to start these things as a way of “conveying a problem of simplifying a complex story through children’s story”. -because the children’s book is basically simplifying everything. For example, it just say that you need to be an honest person, but it did not  say that you need to be less-honest if it’s come to sensitive issues.
“There is a moral dilemma in making a moral value simple”, Max said.
At this point I realised that I am not very sure about the experiments I did. The intention is bias, but this might be a question to asked once again to me:

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