RR’s Workshop : Voting Malfunction

In yesterday’s workshop with Rebecca (4 May), we engaged with the malfunction(s) in the voting process. Began with sharing every individual experiences about voting experience, then make a list of how graphic designer can “interrupt” to this system. People then divided into 4 groups and start to think about which issue we want to work with. We (Rachel, Gunjan, me) were working with the issue of raising people’s awareness about the complexity of voting itself. 

First of all, we map out thoughts about the process and create this simulation of how things going on in the election process (pre, during, after). We realize that  people who chose not to care about the election might be overwhelmed by the flow of information. It can be from the political party, social media, propagative updates, from the sponsor, hoax, etc, etc. In this period of time, people hardly can see which source is trustful, because everything is bias and people tend to be polarized.


In response to this case, we tried to provide a “kit” that can be trusted by people, the objective, transparent, independent one. The “initial” card will be sent along with the invitation of election (incl. where, when the voting will be held and diagram of election process). The following details about the neutral version of campaign agenda will be updated continuously via app along the campaign period. Before the big day, SMS service about the final campaign agenda and other details will be provided for everyone. The app and SMS service is basically the same thing but for different audience.


3 things I learned from this workshop :

  1. Mapping the “complexity” of current situation is a good thing to start with. I also intended to create a map about my project as an experiment before joining this workshop but exploring a way of mapping is another thing.
  2. Rebecca introduced us to “low-fidelity prototyping” which is basically “try” or “sketch” your main idea in a very light, practical way by using whatever you have in your hand.
  3. To make a list / map of your idea about things you are exploring is always a good idea, esp. in connection with what you are doing, for instance, in related to your practice as a graphic designer.

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