#9 Experiment6: One Day Workshop

Tue, 9 May 201

Lu paired us based on our theme. We were working on relation between our projects and demanded to create an output by the end of the day.

I was with Asha, she is working on the issue of translation. We are exploring the same issue: translation malfunction/distortion/manipulation/oversimplification. She explores her theme especially in translation area and how different people digest a text and makes it understandable for them or in other words, their own version. As for me I’m working on the issue of oversimplification in social media and try to explore it with children’s book.

We started to think about the relation between our themes and try to create an output by narrating the issue itself. We decided to make a narrative/story and use typography as a tool. It’s about two persons trying to find a good Italian restaurant. They use instagram, friend’s recommendation, and review.

We create the narrative in a form of layered poster to make the audience confused along the story. Max’s suggestion about our work is to make it more puzzled purposefully. So that the tone (the confusion, the vague of) our issue can be digested more clearly by the audience.




It’s a productive Tuesday!


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