A Story of White Shoes


Dance is her way of life, her breath, her sight.

I always love to see her as a loyal spectator.
Stand across the street where her stage laid.
She always wears that plain yet elegant white shoes.
It sounds “taratak tak tak, tak!”.
I remember all of the step’s rhythm.
Her brisk feet collided with the music from her black box.
The beautiful lady is dancing passionately when I see her iris clearly for the first time.
It is green.

Every day after work, I stand there beneath the old bakery’s canopy.
Just across her stage, never too far, nor too close.
Waiting for her never been this long.
I decided to go, for the dark is crawling.

To the house, I walk.
Through dark alleys and small groceries.
Something familiar laid on the street
It is white, sought from a distant.
I came closer.
There lies a beautiful white shoe.
It feels outrageously familiar that I stuttered.
but it has some dark red stains…

They said there was an accident couple hours ago.
After that day, I never saw her again.
My fair lady in white shoes whom I never knew her name.



Written in Creative Writing Workshop, LCF Archive
11 May 2017

This shoe is actually a student work. No name or date marked, but there is an initial “N.N 14” on the bottom side. It is one of hundreds of shoes commissioned for LCF Archives. During the workshop, we saw various kinds of LCF Archive’s collection, ranging from a beautiful dress heredited in a french-british family from 1930s (sorry not to write the name); unfinished suit from The Royal Family, Henry Paul; velvetty jacket and ties with food/wine stain from Percy Green; a pink hat that looks like Peter Pan’s hat (or selection hat from Harry potter because he designed it also) by Philip Tracey; and a squared embroidered textile sized 20cm-ish made by hand in an hour (I also didn’t catch the name, she’s a designer now, this is her work while she’s studying in LCF). There is a wide range collection of amazing stuffs that you can find across UAL. I also attended a workshop before it about critical analysis and we were working with LCC’s Archives. They have a quite various range of collection from storyboard, art installation, posters, videos.

Happy đź™‚

image source: http://www.arts.ac.uk/fashion/about/facilities/fashion-archives-at-lcf/

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