#11 Experiment A-Z

America chose him for their president in early 2017.
He is a Businessman. Bloomberg businessweek’s readers vote for trump to be the most competitive businessman president. Beat out Bill Gates in no.2
Clinton is his opponent but he always gets along with her. He even get a special name for her, Crooked Hillary.
The Dems is his enemy. They never supports the good deeds he conducts. Even when he wants to repair the healthcare of this country. Terrible, terrible thing.
He approved deregulation of America’s Environment policies to stop America from wasting money.
Fox news is the only media he trusts. Owned by his colleague, Fox makes real news.
Genius is a perfect word to describe him.
General Michael Flynn is his ex-(loyal)-assistant for national security affairs who betrayed him by playing on his back with the Russia.
He is more Honest than another candidate in 2017 election and his women are more beautiful than her.
I’m sorry” is not necessary for his statement that mexican will pay the wall because he is always true.
He does not believe in Journalists, they only sell fake news, he said.
He is not a fan of Kristen Stewart because She cheated on Pattinson like a dog & will do it again.
bLack American is his friend, best friend.
Mexican is his friend and he meant it. He Loves The Mexicans.
orange is his famous Nickname.
He ripped off Obama Care because it is harmful for America. Not because he hates Obama. instead, he cares about him very much, he hunted for the evidence of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.
He has a collection of Pageant; Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.
He is too Perfect and have no faults.
his Quotes proved that he is a kind man of all time: “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!”
Racist is never exist in his dictionary mind. He is the least racist person you’ve ever met.
Security is a big issue of America. He banned 7 Harmful Countries to secure the country.
Twitter is his favourite social media.
To make America great again is slogan for his campaign.
Upset is not his attitude. even when people makes fun of him. He has a thick skin.
for him, women are Vital to the fabric of America’s society and economy.
Wall is his deadly weapon to fight drugs and crime in the country. Mexican will pay it, he is 100% sure because he loves them and they loves him.
Trump is not eXaggerate anymore than any body else. it’s just he is genius.
He will makes You admit that He always been very very successful businessman and president, no matter what. He never experienced failures.
He will seiZe America!

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