To be a smarter researcher in Library

Today I met Pat Dibben, our (very, very) kind librarian devoted for the course. We have a brief yet fruitful searching about my subject of interest. There are several keywords that I have: Oversimplification, media, satire, children’s book, dumbing down.

Looking for stuffs is what the librarian expert in. He told me some simple features and ways of working that I skipped all these times. Basically, I didn’t know how-to. 

  • First thing that you need to do when you look at a book, see the synopsis. Synopsis is usually a paragraph or two, located on the back side of the book. Then you want to see the table of contents first rather than going all the way through random chapters. Then you might want to skim some parts of the last chapter to get a picture of the book’s conclusion.
  • When you use a searching engine, make a good use of filters and sorting. You can always search for what you are looking at with only keywords that you have but you might waste more time than you should do. Filters eliminate what you don’t need and sorting prioritises the most compatible search result among all search results. When using Google, make sure you know its features. Look at this article if you haven’t. When it comes to a library, it’s better meet your librarian if the library’s manual doesn’t exist.
  • THINK. Yes, you need to think. I usually create a list of paragraph and ideas, take it back home, leave it for a day or two, then process the information to be a mindmap. I usually leave it for awhile because sometimes you need inspirations to make a good link of all of these stuffs. Let’s differentiate between leave it for awhile and leaving it behind. Research is about thinking about it over and over. To relink and disconnect some thoughts, to quote someone else and see if it makes sense. Ya just keep it in your head. but remember don’t let it stops you from having fun.


Published by Eva Afifah

Graphic Designer | Children Illustration Enthusiast

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