#Read100childrensbook : Chatterbox Bear

Chatterbox Bear by Pippa Curnick

The first thing catch my eyes was the big pinky call out with a bear and birds. It just popped out when I was looking at the Dresden city library’s shelf. The book itself is very light and I think it won’t be a problem to bring one more book home.

This book authored and illustrated by the talented Pippa Curnick, published by Hodder children’s book in 2019.


The initial story is about the bear who tried to be heard. He was so disappointed with his friends and family that he sailed the world to find a better place. He ended up in a tropical island full of tropical birds. This is where his adventure began. They can’t communicate because they speak different languages so they tried to do something else.

Book Design

I have to highlight the dynamics of layout that the book has. There are collages, big spreads, zoom in and zoom out. The writing (Raar! Shhh! Squawk!, etc) blends in the illustration.

Pippa didn’t hesitate to use sharp pink or black in the darkest part of the spread. She also uses textures effectively. That’s how (I think) the spreads are very compelling.

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