#Read100childrensbooks : Little Beaver and The Echo

This book was not necessarily outstanding on the shelf, like others that I finally picked among others. Authored by Amy MacDonald, illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies, published in 1990 by Walker Books. Amy is the Oscar-winner author. She wrote “The Pianist“, you must’ve heard it before.


This story begins with a confused, lonely Beaver. He started to speak and suddenly hears a sound completely alike out of nowhere. He keeps looking for the source of the sound because it keeps imitating him. Then he goes on a journey to find the speaker. Will he find the speaker? I guess you should read the book yourself because the whole story is about to get a pearl of wisdom 🙂

Book Design

Reading this book is sure a therapy. Without any intention to exaggerate, I think the book design calms the reader. Perhaps to be read in a cold, quiet, winter bedtime story. Davies’ clean, tidy, simple, yet accurate illustration is placed harmoniously with the text; they sit together without dominating each other. The color is painstakingly smooth and soothing. It reminds me of the books from my childhood. Looking at her illustration, I can tell that Davies is a well-ordered person.

You know which book you should pick as a company for a fine afternoon tea.

More about this book

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