#Read100childrensbooks : Friends by Helme Heine


The book is about a friendship between the chicken, fat pink pig, and tiny little mouse. They have good and hard times. They cooperate to help each other. No one leaves anyone behind. With a little of the author’s imagination, this book is silly (and thus worth to tell to every small human in the house).

Book Design

This book is sure an old collection from the library. You can tell from the first sight: manual illustration, unsophisticated scanning method, default fonts. Still, however, I borrowed the book because it’s in English. Turned out the book is not a disappointment at all. This book first published in 1982 by Aladdin Paperbacks (City Library of Aachen owned the second edition: May 1997). Perhaps the artists scan it with a copy machine, or what? I can’t tell. When I compare the illustration with the ones from 8 years later, 1990 (Amy’s Little Beaver), I can see there’s a big leap in scanning technology. The illustration from Amy’s Little Beaver and the Echo shows how they managed to get the balanced colour and contrast, which I couldn’t see from Friends.

One thing in common between the books mentioned before: they have a deep value only adults can see. You can tell it when you read the author and illustrator’s biography at the end of the book. Helme Heine lived everywhere and made friends with animals. I mean, a good friend. He moved from Africa to New Zealand. You can tell it just by looking at his bio picture. 🙂

More about this book

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