#Read100childrensbooks : We are in a book! by Mo Willems

I borrowed this book from Dresden Central Library last year. The book is very handy and I don’t mind to slip this one in my basket even though I already took a lot of books at that time. This book is one of those books that talks to the reader. So, let’s talk about it!

We are in a book! by Mo Willems, German edition published by Klett Kinderbuch.


The story is about an elephant and a pinky pig who just find out that they are in a book. Yes, exactly as the title says there. They are as tacky yet cute as they could be. First they realise that someone is looking at them, then they are trying to play us, the reader. This is the fun part: they are playing with the reader! You can see or scroll down to the end for a read aloud video >>

My thoughts about the book

The book made for a very young children: the illustration is very simple yet attractive. You can see it from the spread: a white background, a simplified grey elephant, and a pink pig with call outs that match the colour of their body, plus black texts. The style itself is very simple: blocking colors, black lined, no shadow nor gradation.

I think the message of the book is always to play and make friends! I imagine your (little) child will ask you to read it again, and again because it’s funny and joyful. I doubt that older children will find it attractive, though. However, it is always worth to try. It can always be read in front of a group too, as the reaction from the group will be more interesting and memorable for children.

Reading this book with your little ones must be very interesting.

More about this book or listen to a read aloud video by students from Keilor Views

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