#Read100childrensbooks : Ich und Meine Angst (Me and My Fear) by Francesca Sanna

I believe I saw this book before I found them in the Dresden City library. It is authored and illustrated by Francesca Sanna. She’s a German children’s illustrator. German edition first published in 2018 by Nord – Süd Publisher.

Me and My Fear cover.


Fear depicted as a friend of the little girl in this book. Everyone has their own Fear who goes with you wherever you go. After moving to a new place, she finds Fear gets bigger and bigger. Until one day she finds herself bothered by its huge body. You can see from the picture that the Fear has gown into a huge creature. Fear hugs this little girl very tight so she has no chance to talk with her friends. Thus, she has no friend. She refuses to move from the room so she can’t get out and make friends in her new place. This book is about her struggle to defeat the fear and shrunk him into a manageable size. Click the image below or scroll down to find a link to watch the read aloud version of this book.

My thoughts about the book

This book depicts a fear as a white creature who gets bigger when you ‘feed’ them. Sanna is clever to create this Fear character so children can associate it in their life. When you feed the Fear by letting him dominates you, she will uncontrollably big. The huge Fear will is lazy and powerful. She can prevents you to go out and mingle with everyone else. I think the best part of the book is to show children that Fear can be controlled consciously. But first, you need to know who Fear is.

The illustration itself is very modern. Sana used blocked, slightly washed color in this book with a little bit of texture here and there. There are lines in some important joints. I think it mimics block printing technique.

The layout is also modern, I think. Its layout is very close to the Chatter Box Bear. However, the plain background of the book make it feels more sleek.

Introducing emotions to children through a book like this one will be very interesting.

More about this book or listen to a read aloud video by the Story Time Family

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