#Read100childrensbooks : The Tide (Mit Opa ist alles anderes) by Clare Helen Welsh

I pointed this book because of the catchy cover. It shows a man holding a little girl’s hand with turquoise background. This book originally published in May 2020 (German edition by Tiger Stern). Authored by Clare Helen Welsh, illustrated by Ashling Lindsay.

Me and My Fear cover.


This fiction book is about a little girl who lives with her mom and her grandpa. She plays with her mom and grandpa but there are times when Grandpa acts weird (annoying) and she can’t understand why. Mom told her that grandpa is not well. She starts to remember it every time she spends her time with grandpa. She is now grateful for what she has. Watch Helen Welsh read this book down here:

My thoughts about the book

I love how this book teaches us how to be grateful for what we have through the eye of this little daughter. Many families are having hard time explaining what happen with the older people to children. Let alone finding a satisfying answer from “Where do they actually gone when they died?”, or “Will we be able to meet again?” or as simple as, “Why is grandma’s skin wrinkling?”. This book teaches me that all you ned to do is hug your loved ones and be always grateful for them. I just find it beautiful. The children might understand its meaning many years after reading this book but imagining little girl saying “It’s Okay, I am grateful for having you” melts me.

Images from https://www.amazon.com/Tide-Clare-Helen-Welsh/dp/1680101412

I love the colour platte very much. I am a fan of turquoise but not much of its combination are my favourite. Lindsay makes it very well with soft colours and reds for accents. The layout is more minimalist than a the previous Chatter Box Bear and Ich und Meine Angst even though I feel like it still belongs to modern time. The plain background of the book make it feels more sleek.

More about this book

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