#Read100childrensbooks : Almost Anything by Sophy Henn

This book was authored by Sophy Henn. Published by Penguin Random House, the UK in 2018. This one is one of the first editions ever printed. I just realised that most of the books published by European publishers are printed in china — just saying.


You can hear Sophie Henn herself reads the book aloud with her fancy British accent! 
(I also wrote the resume at the bottom if you don’t want the end of the story spoiler)

It started when everyone was busy. Only George (the white rabbit) did nothing. He thinks he is different from others. Thus, George tried everything else’s activities. However, he can’t do anything that everyone else’s doing. George began to feel lonely and belittle. Suddenly he met this big, wise bear who gave him a magic hat from his newspaper. What’s this magic? It will make him capable of doing anything that he wants! After trying some activities, he found the spell was not working. So the bear insists that he has to keep trying to prove that the magic works. Then he tried so many times and finally, the spell worked! He started to master everything. He has no fear of trying new things. One day, he can’t find the hat. He was a lost bunny. He met the bear once again, and The Bear told the most powerful words for George (and us, the reader).

My thoughts about the book

The colour palette and illustration is very modern. With textures and everything, her digital illustration feels warm and cheerful at the same time. It remains me of Ich und Meine Angst (me and my fear) that I reviewed some days earlier. The same thing with a lot of illustrators these days.

The story, as all of the Penguin Random House’s books, is inspiring. I find it light to read, but it made me think about it several times after reading it. It also reminds me of this “hat method. Sometimes I use it when I need to change my focus from one task to another. For example, if I have three tasks, then I hat three hats. When I use one of them, I have to forget the other two. Don’t you find it interesting?

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