#Read100childrensbooks : Imagine by John Lennon, illustrated by Jean Jullien

I mean, who never listened to Lennon’s Imagine? and if you’re an illustrator, you must’ve had stumbled upon Jean Jullien’s illustration. This book looks so familiar for me. I decided to take it home and read (sing) it.


SPOILER ALERT! The song is the story. But first, let me remind you of the song:

Yep, this book is all about this song. There is no additional text. It is beautifully supported by Jullien’s crafty illustration. If you’ve ever visited his page or saw his illustration, you must’ve realised that his illustration looks digital but it is actually crafted by hand. He uses blocked colors and scratchy lines to define his illustration. You can easily recognize his style from his illustration.

These are mundane scenes that Jullien brought to the book that made us see the lyrics in another context. You probably haven’t think of yourself on the subway could be a scene of this song. It’s a nice extension of the lyrics, in a good way. The main character is a dove who wanders around the city with her friends. In the end, she found peace.

The foreword from Yoko Ono initiates the book as if it wants us to rethink the song in today’s world. Unfortunately, it available only in German so I don’t think it’s necessary to upload it.

Published by Eva Afifah

Graphic Designer | Children Illustration Enthusiast eva.afifah.rd@gmail.com

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