#Read100childrensbooks : How to hide a Lion from Grandma by Helen Stephens

This book was first published by Alison Green Books, UK in 2014. When I saw this book for the first time, I immediately see how silly it is. A book of imagination by Helen Stephens. The title of the book automatically makes you look for an answer. After find the answer, you better read the book!


This brave, hero, and lovely lion live with a little girl named Iris and her parents. One day, grandma is visiting because her parents are away for a couple of days. Iris was nervous about how to hide the lion. Shortly, grandma arrived in her house with a huge, huge box. Iris was lucky. It turned out that hiding a lion from grandma is pretty easy because grandma is short-sighted. They play together with the lion inside the house. Grandma didn’t realise his presence! They even went to the grocery store together. That night, grandma made a mountain of sandwiches and took the whole thing to her bedroom. Iris was curious about what she was hiding. There was no way that grandma eating all of those sandwiches alone! So she peeked into the room and found that grandma threw all of the sandwiches into the box! The next morning, Iris came to grandmas room asked her to wake up and play. “But it was too early.” said grandma. So Iris and the lion peaked into the box and found… a bear! What a surprise! Suddenly, grandma woke up! Everyone in the room was surprised. They play together until her parents were arriving at the house. Psst, they were all waiting for Iris’ parents to surprise them as well 🙂 You can hear Stephens reading the book down here:

My thoughts about the book

This book is silly and full of imagination. It’s a continuation of ‘How to Hide A Lion’. In the first book, Iris was trying to hide the lion from her parents. Her first attempt was not as smooth as the second one here. You can watch “Little Cozy Nook” reading the first book aloud here. In the first book, you can see how the lion became a hero in the town. 

The illustration is very loose but compelling. I think the ink line makes the book warm and more imaginative (not real). Stephens knows how to keep the rendering level that she wants in the book. Not too detail but enough to give the necessary impression. The colour she chose is warm and mild. I think she is very intuitive. There are no more than 20-30 words on each spread. This picture book is perfect for children. It shows that you don’t necessarily need to hide those uncanny or weird things that you have. Don’t be shy and just be yourself. Hiding something is a lie. At some point in your life, you will be exhausted by it. Plus, telling a lie is like jumping from a very high tree to another. When you get tired of it, you might fall someday. And you will hurt yourself.

I hope this writing can give you more information about the book and be helpful. 🙂

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