#Read100childrensbooks : Little Moon by Winfried Wolf, Illustrated by Nathalie Duroussy

This book was published by North-South publisher in 1992. Originally published in Sweden, this book is translated in the same year into English. This book is as old as me. 🙂


Little Moon is a boy who was being left by his tribe. He doesn’t belong to the tribe from the very beginning. Little Moon always alone and being excluded from the group. He didn’t play with the children. No one cared for him either. They never said that he belongs to the tribe either. The nomadic tribe keeps moving from time to time. One day, he woke up finding himself only with an old, white pony. The tribe moved. He was about to chase them when he realised that he was being left. So he decided to take a different way from the tribe to find his family. He was not alone, though. He walked through the meadow, into the forest, and met an old lady, Swinging Swallow. This lady is so old that she might be pass away before the winter comes. Still, however, she taught him a precious lesson that immersed his heart that he has a reason to be brave and strong.

My thoughts about the book

It is one of those old books that touch the core of your heart. The book is made for children yet the real meaning is more suitable for adults. This is a book that will make you rethink your existence, the environment that you lived in, and how you respond to them.

The illustration is beautifully gloomy. I would say that it is magical. Look at this spread where Swinging Swallow covered under her blanket. It is an extension of the land. There is a lot of space in this book that gives us a moment to breathe or gaze upon something else.

Or this spread below, where the illustrator zoomed in until the body of Little Moon meets the whole page and made everything else as small as it can be, leaving the boy as the main focus in the spread. I like every brush stroke in the book because it is the very details that made the book very gloomy.

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