Beasiswa dan hidup yang sebenarnya

Menerima beasiswa yang mencakup biaya hidup dan tuition fee adalah sebuah kesyukuran besar bagi saya, bisa melanjutkan studi di kampus impian tanpa membebani orang tua saya secara finansial. Ya walaupun pasti ada beban-beban lain seperti berjauhan dengan orang tua untuk bbrp saat dan kesepakatan dengan pihak pemberi beasiswa. Setiap keputusan kan pasti ada plus minusnya. … More Beasiswa dan hidup yang sebenarnya

Jaap and Sagmeister

Anyway, this is my experience from lecture this week. It’s purely because we have Sagmeister on Wednesday and Jaap on Thursday, and I’ll write about them both Jaap talked about his MA this morning (Thursday 27 April). He mentioned “not to be someone else” when you’re writing something. He also suggested to just start with something very small, specific; … More Jaap and Sagmeister


I am a growing-up hijabi girl from a lovely yet complicated family; currently living in London, in a 2×3 private room to be precise; with a peanut pillow as a companion. I need to admit that maybe people ignore us (the new comer) but it’s only a few of them. The others are so open and friendly, … More London?

Architectural Typeface

This one is worth a look. I am writing this as an admiration, not an assessment. A cool project draws a clear example of how typeface can reflect characters of things. Made by a Hoxton-base studio, this architectural-typography is interesting because it uses the conservative visual look of architecture to create a new approach of  typeface making. The geometry and … More Architectural Typeface