#Read100childrensbook : Robinson

I borrowed this English book from the Dresden city library. I was interested to the illustration but the story turned out to be interesting too. Story Robinson is a boy who was failed to impress his friends in a school party. To attend this party, children has to wear a costume. He was about to wearContinue reading “#Read100childrensbook : Robinson”

Translating inspiration to illustration – Alessandro Genualdo

This is my note from a workshop ran by University of the Arts London. Alessandro G. is an illustrator and tutor in UAL. Her work is about the interpretations of female. “Finding inspiration is investigating that interests or catches you. There are tons of things that has connections with your daily life and it’s theContinue reading “Translating inspiration to illustration – Alessandro Genualdo”

#Read100ChildrensBook : Animals.

Warum Nilpferde nie allein sindby Pavla Hanackova & Linh Dao Buku ini menarik sekali sebagai ensiklopedi yang sangat friendly untuk anak-anak! Bisa dibilang seperti buku cerita karena segitu ringannya.  Ilustrasinya hangat simpel sehingga anak2 merasa seperti membaca buku cerita saja Karakternya cute, bahkan binatang yang seram juga dibuat lucu! warnanya hangat, membuat nya lebih familiarContinue reading “#Read100ChildrensBook : Animals.”

Finding my own ilustration style: Class on Skillshare

So this is about a class that run by Alanna Cartier titled “Find Your Illustration Style in 6 Simple Experiments”. You can find it here. I mentioned it in my earlier post about how to explore your own style. I didn’t say that you will find it instantly but I find it helpful to realise someContinue reading “Finding my own ilustration style: Class on Skillshare”

Realizing my own illustration style

I’ve been trying to find my illustration style with many methods and exploration but then I realized that it always be there: I love strong strokes. I remember when I was in elementary school, me and Tita, a friend, we love to make strip comics. She always use thin strokes but I always push myContinue reading “Realizing my own illustration style”

Let’s Make a Picture Book

Earlier this month, I joined a community to make a picture book through instagram: Let’s Make A Picture Book. Exactly like its name. I noticed it first from an illustrator whom I followed, Steph F Coleman with another great illustrator, Denise Holmes, made this community to help people build their portfolio. Denise is unique forContinue reading “Let’s Make a Picture Book”

Catatan Live Sweta Kartika – Kreavi

[Kelas Kreavi di Rumah] – Eksplorasi Visual Diri dalam Desain Karakter bersama Sweta Kartika, 11 April 2020 Yang paling penting dalam membuat cerita adalah membuat karakternya. Sarannya utk teman2 bikin satu aja karakter utama atau jangan banyak2 biar kita fokus. Karena karakter utama ini melihat semua dunia dalam cerita dari sudut pandangnya, pengetahuan dia, karakternyaContinue reading “Catatan Live Sweta Kartika – Kreavi”