Tutorial 2 May

Resume of today’s tutorial (May 2) We map our thoughts. References, influences, keywords, and themes. This is basically what I’ve got:   There are three main things I am focused on: subjectivity in various media (including children’s book’s way of storytelling, the most interesting one), subjective experience (according to Harraway’s text), and subjectivity embedded in … More Tutorial 2 May

Jaap and Sagmeister

Anyway, this is my experience from lecture this week. It’s purely because we have Sagmeister on Wednesday and Jaap on Thursday, and I’ll write about them both Jaap talked about his MA this morning (Thursday 27 April). He mentioned “not to be someone else” when you’re writing something. He also suggested to just start with something very small, specific; … More Jaap and Sagmeister

#2 Starting Question

#1 “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein This quote allows us to see how important an Imagination is. However, today, most of the information we consume served “hot”. How’s it affects our way of thinking? Is it true that people become more passive than before? … More #2 Starting Question


Whose life I’m living in? I guess too many decisions in my life were made unconsciously. Either it was made by spontaneously or just because I see a brighter path which suddenly I see it is merely an illusion. I have no idea what kind of  life I want to live, what kind of dream I want to achieve. … More Lost.