#7 Experiment4: Interruption with children’s book

Interruption with children’s book What are facts/reality that is hidden under a simple story? How children’s book simplified the complexity of things going on in the real world? Book: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers Method: Create layers on the picture books about the facts laid under the simple story. in details, it will be like “revealing … More #7 Experiment4: Interruption with children’s book

RR’s Workshop : Voting Malfunction

In yesterday’s workshop with Rebecca (4 May), we engaged with the malfunction(s) in the voting process. Began with sharing every individual experiences about voting experience, then make a list of how graphic designer can “interrupt” to this system. People then divided into 4 groups and start to think about which issue we want to work with. We (Rachel, … More RR’s Workshop : Voting Malfunction

Tutorial 2 May

Resume of today’s tutorial (May 2) We map our thoughts. References, influences, keywords, and themes. This is basically what I’ve got:   There are three main things I am focused on: subjectivity in various media (including children’s book’s way of storytelling, the most interesting one), subjective experience (according to Harraway’s text), and subjectivity embedded in … More Tutorial 2 May

#6 Experiment3

Experiment 3: Telling a story about subjective way of storytelling in a simple diary (unspoken, in the mind). Script: “Wuf….. Today’s exhausting. I’ve been examining this way of storytelling for the past two weeks. I can see it in the books that I read, movies that I watched, podcasts that I listened to, and games that … More #6 Experiment3

#5 Experiment2

Experiment #2 Children’s book about Trump: My Days as A President of The United States Every morning, I love to see my reflection in the mirror to check if my tan spray has been evenly applied and if my hair is in the right place. I usually start my day with a cup of coffee … More #5 Experiment2

#4 Experiment1

Experiment 1 first person camera, subjective narration experiment #1 from eva rd on Vimeo. This experiment need improvement: To compare the subjective narration with an objective narration, in order to make the audience recognize the pattern of subjective storytelling.

Jaap and Sagmeister

Anyway, this is my experience from lecture this week. It’s purely because we have Sagmeister on Wednesday and Jaap on Thursday, and I’ll write about them both Jaap talked about his MA this morning (Thursday 27 April). He mentioned “not to be someone else” when you’re writing something. He also suggested to just start with something very small, specific; … More Jaap and Sagmeister