Realizing my own illustration style

I’ve been trying to find my illustration style with many methods and exploration but then I realized that it always be there: I love strong strokes. I remember when I was in elementary school, me and Tita, a friend, we love to make strip comics. She always use thin strokes but I always push myContinue reading “Realizing my own illustration style”

Let’s Make a Picture Book

Earlier this month, I joined a community to make a picture book through instagram: Let’s Make A Picture Book. Exactly like its name. I noticed it first from an illustrator whom I followed, Steph F Coleman with another great illustrator, Denise Holmes, made this community to help people build their portfolio. Denise is unique forContinue reading “Let’s Make a Picture Book”

Catatan Live Sweta Kartika – Kreavi

[Kelas Kreavi di Rumah] – Eksplorasi Visual Diri dalam Desain Karakter bersama Sweta Kartika, 11 April 2020 Yang paling penting dalam membuat cerita adalah membuat karakternya. Sarannya utk teman2 bikin satu aja karakter utama atau jangan banyak2 biar kita fokus. Karena karakter utama ini melihat semua dunia dalam cerita dari sudut pandangnya, pengetahuan dia, karakternyaContinue reading “Catatan Live Sweta Kartika – Kreavi”

#10 A Conversation with Ken

I met Ken Hollings today. It was 30minutes of me, wide-eyed, listening while staring at him and shout in my mind, “Damn, He’s very true. OMG He’s so true……” I told him a bit about my research and right after the first 5 or 10 minutes begin to realize that my theme is still too broad. This is my latest rough-mindmap: It containsContinue reading “#10 A Conversation with Ken”

Jaap and Sagmeister

Anyway, this is my experience from lecture this week. It’s purely because we have Sagmeister on Wednesday and Jaap on Thursday, and I’ll write about them both Jaap talked about his MA this morning (Thursday 27 April). He mentioned “not to be someone else” when you’re writing something. He also suggested to just start with something very small, specific;Continue reading “Jaap and Sagmeister”